Friendliest town on the peninsula?

I can’t go past an independent local bakery or butchers. Cummins has both! (though I’m finding that in SA butchers seem to be called Meat Stores – guess that’s appropriate). What a great find this little farming-services town has been.

I ended up here after not finding Port Lincoln as captivating as I was expecting it to be after my “holiday” in Coffin Bay. Perhaps it was too big for me, or I was affected by the wind, but I was restless and just couldn’t get excited about staying there a couple of days, even if it does have the highest per capita percentage of rich people of anywhere in Australia! (according to a friend anyway – all that fishing makes for rich people apparently). So I had breakfast, went for a walk and drive, did some shopping and carried on.

After tootling up the coast to Tumby Bay I realised it wasn’t the size that was a problem. Gorgeous as little TB looked, I just had to get away from the wind! So I headed 40kms inland to Cummins, where I was intrigued to try out the community owned caravan park. The scenery was spectacular as I tracked gently uphill all the way. Canola fields in full bloom, deep valleys and river gullies, woodland, rolling wheat fields – just stunning.

Since I’ve been in Cummins, I swear nearly every person I have passed has at least smiled at me if not said hello. Most people you drive past gave you the rural wave. The shop staff have all been friendly without exception. And the bakery is awesome. Yum. I’m currently killing time before I go and get my hair cut (finally! been thinking about it for months) and have met a kindred spirit in the woman behind the counter here, who passed through Geraldton 4 weeks ago while travelling to visit friends in Exmouth, and is a fellow camper van owner – and planning to spend the summer in Tasmania.

The caravan park is lovely and quiet and well maintained. I had a shower/toilet all to myself. Small luxuries… 🙂

And I’m captivated by the power poles here – it looks like the local school might have done an art project where the students took inspiration from famous artists, with some great results. It sure brightens up the streetscape.


About Yvette Hollings

Writer, born-again cricket tragic, rookie cricket player, occasional musician and songwriter. I love inspiring stories that empower everyday people.
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