A new direction

Today I had an epiphany. I don’t think that’s too strong a description for it!

As I struggled to fill my lemon bin that was left unfinished when the rain set on Wednesday afternoon, and whilst mulling over how crap this job is and how little the supervisor, contractor, hostel owner etc care about their workforce, I realised that its crazy for me to be trying to eke a living from unskilled labouring jobs when I have considerable skills and experience that will allow me to contribute a lot more to the world.

So I’m outta here! Take that lemons. (including you Mr Monster Lemon!)

It’s time for me to start applying for real jobs. I have seen an advert for the Shire of Gundagai – they are seeking a Tourism, Community and Economic Development Officer. That sounds right up my alley!

So it’s as good a place as anywhere to start I reckon.

Time to re-enter the real world once more. I didn’t last long huh? πŸ™‚


About Yvette Hollings

Writer, born-again cricket tragic, rookie cricket player, occasional musician and songwriter. I love inspiring stories that empower everyday people.
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3 Responses to A new direction

  1. Hi Yvette, I’ve been enjoying reading your posts and following your travels. Your descriptions of places and experiences communicate something of that ‘rewakened passion’ you refer to in your byline.

    I wonder, then, how ‘passions’ align fit with ‘reality’? I ask because you just had an epiphany about the ‘real’ world and ‘real’ job? Something about the language you used made me think of non-overlapping sets i.e. there being no overlap between a life of passion, love, direction and ‘real’ world/work. Yet I’m confident you will find something that has a huge amount of overlap.

    This instantly reminds me of a concept from Collins’ ‘Good to Great’. While this ‘Hedgehog’ concept was an insight into what enabled long-lived and successful organisations, it has proven equally relevant to many entrepreneurs. Here’s one illustration of it: http://www.greenlights.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Hedgehog-worksheet2-640×480.gif

    See you,


    • yvetteh73 says:

      Hey Andrew, great to hear from you, and as usual you got my head spinning. πŸ™‚ but in a good way as always!

      I love the Hedgehog concept, thanks for that – and it is totally what I’m working towards. And the “real” jobs and “real” world I’m hoping to rejoin are actually the ones I am passionate about! So all is good there.

      I guess I got a bit caught up for a while thinking I could be content with a series of mind-numbing travel-friendly jobs, the only aim of which would be to earn money to keep travelling (and I guess having a new experience on the way) so I could keep exploring those experiences I’ve been enjoying so much and feeling passionate about. But if that means picking lemons, well… no thanks.

      So now I’ve realised that it’s time to use my passion constructively, bring it together with my skills where I can make most difference in some small corner of the world, and add that third bottom-right circle of the Hedgehog Concept so I can make a living from it too.

      So, plenty of overlap! Here’s hoping the organisations I’m applying to can see me in the centre of that venn diagram like I can.

      I’ll be sure to keep you posted…

      Hope you’re keeping well Andrew.


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