The big catch up

I know, I know, I said I wouldn’t do this again. But all bets are off! The trials of job hunting have dented my energy for writing (and pretty much everything else!) but following is a run down on my time in Adelaide, the SA Riverland, Mildura, Gundagai, Beechworth and Ballarat – yep, I’ve been getting around a bit.

So bear with me…


About Yvette Hollings

Writer, born-again cricket tragic, rookie cricket player, occasional musician and songwriter. I love inspiring stories that empower everyday people.
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2 Responses to The big catch up

  1. Jenny Allen says:

    Hi Yvette

    Have been following your journey with interest. I have been to pretty much all the places you mention, including cycling around Adelaide, including a cycle from Glenelg up to Port Adelaide via Semaphore (we loved Semaphore too), catching the train with our bikes into the City then cycling back out to Glenelg from the CBD. That was a great ride. I am feeling very tired at the moment, extremely busy at work and so feel quite jealous!!!! I plan to take 4 weeks leave at Christmas and for the first time in 16 years will get someone to act in my position. In all that time I have had no more than 10 days off in one go and of course then the work buids up, making it feel like the holiday didn’t really happen. I have heaps of annual leave owing to me so plan a more holiday based year in 2013. You have motivated me to make sure I honour this commitment to myself and my family. As I said 4 weeks at Christmas, a wedding in Bali in August and a cycling trip followed by a boat trip in New Zealand in October. I am also taking a day off a week from mid year to help care for my beautiful baby grand-daughter. Looking forward to 2013.

    Keep enjoying your adventre.

    Regards, Jenny

    • yvetteh73 says:

      Great to hear about all your travel plans for 2013 Jenny – I don’t know anyone who deserves some decent holidays more than you do!! Top work for making that commitment. 🙂 I hope you have a fantastic time, NZ sounds like a great plan – north or south?

      Your big cycle around Adelaide makes me feel tired just reading about it – that’s quite some distance I think!! I haven’t been doing much on the bike since I left Mildura two weeks ago – have been pretty mobile since and finding it hard to justify taking the bike off the rack, but now fairly determined to settle in the Ballarat area, just working on that now. Been busy prepping for a job interview tomorrow…

      Wish me luck!

      bye for now

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