Aww, lil’ Pup

I think I’m experiencing a small infatuation with Michael Clarke! Just a little bit sad maybe… ?


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But really, what’s not to like??!  🙂

It started with his outstanding batting form in the test series against South Africa, and was cemented when I heard his emotion on the retirement of Ponting.

Given that ABC Local (and therefore Grandstand when that takes over) has become my ongoing link to the wider world since I left behind the luxury of TV, it’s not surprising that he’s been in the forefront of my attention in this cricket season.

Every time I hear Michael’s name my ears prick up, and when I hear his voice I can’t help but smile. Which is no bad thing I guess. 🙂

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Unlike my reaction to other cricketers, when I do happen to catch some TV footage of him in a caravan park camp kitchen, or sadly find myself doing a Google search looking for pics, I am not disappointed! Loving those arms, tattoos and all.

(After listening to most of a SA / Aus test, I caught some coverage on TV and was shocked to see most of the players looking very much less appealing than I had built them up to be in my mind! oops)


Thank heavens he lost the poncey blond highlighted spiky hair though. Talk about bad hair day…


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