Love Your Sister

Hmm – this is nearly a month old now, I was waiting for a video to insert but then it didn’t work out 😦 – so I’ll post it anyway, but imagine I put this up during February and that there’s a great video of Sam and his vegemite smearing dance in there… 🙂 (I’ll keep working on it!)

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks in little old Beaufort.

Last week I took delivery of a brand new fridge, a week or two after Chris’ $40 bargain one cacked it. Very exciting! Look what were the first things to go in there (while my back was turned mind you, I’m still on FebFast!).


Can you tell I live with two Irish working holiday maker lads???

During the week I admit I did have a small FebFast fall down 😦 – two glasses of wine with my workmate Jennifer while at her place for dinner, after we both had a particularly frantic and frustrating day in the office. But I got right back up on the wagon, despite the constant offers of beer and cider from my housemates, and invites to the pub. Less than one week to go!

This week I took delivery of my brand new turning-40 bed. It seems to be developing into a tradition in our family that when you turn 40 the wonderful parents buy you a bed. 🙂 thanks Mum and Dad! And no, I’m not quite 40 yet, but it’s coming up, more on that later.


After the best part of 9 months sleeping on the basic foam mattress in my van and an air mattress since I moved into the house, a real bed is pretty heavenly. It’s taking some getting used to, but is a vast improvement.

The other highlight of the week was last Sunday, when the Love Your Sister crew rocked into Beaufort in their extraordinary pink tops. Samuel Johnson, aussie actor whom I know best as Evan from The Secret Life Of Us, is riding around Australia on a unicycle to raise funds and awareness of breast cancer. His sister Connie has cancer, and this time its terminal. (I’m sure I heard him say in a radio interview that she’s had three cancer occurrences, starting when she was a kid? If so, she must be an extraordinary person to keep fighting).

But check out the website – he and his sister and crew tell the story better than me.

Here in Beaufort, after the entertainment of the local brass band and the obligatory sausage sizzle, he was challenged to fulfill three dares, for a grand total of $1000 donated by the local Bendigo Bank towards the campaign. (I understand that the grand total donated from Beaufort as a result of this stopover must have been around the $2000 mark? Yay for us.)

As the inventor of Vegemite, Cyril P. Callister was from Chute just north of here, his final challenge was to smear himself in as much Vegemite as possible in a minute, only to be hosed off by the CFA truck on standby. It was pretty hilarious!

Courtesy of the Love Your Sister team - see

Courtesy of the Love Your Sister team – see

I found it surprisingly to read later that he was self-conscious about taking off his shirt for the challenge, because he’s pigeon-chested.

Sam, if you read this, be assured I didn’t see anything of that – I was far too busy admiring your awesome abs! 🙂

He seemed like a genuinely good guy, earnest about his quest but with a great sense of humour and willing to chat and connect with everyone he could – from the kids climbing trees or going mental on the little crazy bikes he bought along, to the elderly folks, and those whose own lives have been touched by cancer too. And his support team were equally friendly, welcoming and good humoured.

A great cause, a fun and interesting way to raise the profile of breast cancer – follow him, and if you live on the route of his journey, (you Geraldton-ites are almost certain to be) keep an eye out for him and get involved however you can, so you can help to keep the momentum and energy and support going.

By the way – the total distance Sam and the crew will travel is 1500km – also a tilt at the Guinness Book of Records – and it’s going to take about a year. That’s one hell of challenge!


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