Clouds taste funny


That’s pretty much all I have to say. 🙂

Oh okay, of course I have more.

First visit to tassie – absolutely loving Hobart, especially Salamanca.

And no I’m probably not going to MONA! If I had a $ for every person who asked me this last fortnight… I’ll get there eventually, just not this visit.

Heading to Mt Field tomorrow for 7hr hike. Yep, crazy. My friend Chiara who invited me to meet her here likes her outdoors hardcore – mountains jn tassie in winter? – but of course! Ah well, should be fun.



About Yvette Hollings

Writer, born-again cricket tragic, rookie cricket player, occasional musician and songwriter. I love inspiring stories that empower everyday people.
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1 Response to Clouds taste funny

  1. Leola Robinson says:

    How are you feeling post 7hour trek? What an awesome thing to do! Lots of love from your sister – Lola xoxo

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