Doing time at Narmbool – no bad thing!

On Sunday, I finally caught up on some of the voluntary time I’m supposed to be giving to Sovereign Hill. It’s many months now since I’ve managed to get in to the main site in costume to do my usual voluntary stint. Just too many competing priorities unfortunately…

sml DSC00419Sovereign Hill also owns a 2,000-hectare property south of Ballarat called Narmbool, which was first settled in 1839 and  donated to the organisation in 2000 so that it could be developed as an educational resource.

Consisting of an historic homestead, beautiful garden, restaurant, lodge and environmental education centre – plus approximately 12,000 adult sheep on a sustainably run farm – its a fascinating addition to the Sovereign Hill portfolio.

Sunday was the first gardens open day they’ve had for some time, and I put up my hand to volunteer as a guide as I’ve been curious to see it ever since I joined up. It was well worth the hour long journey each way to get there! Such a stunning garden and property.

I’m not going to ramble on too much further, and will let the pictures speak for themselves.

sml IMG_3833Except I had to show you the spot I chose to spend most of my day hanging out in, to talk to visitors as they walked around the gardens, near the relatively newly developed lake area. (there are many weddings at the property, you’ll see why below!)

It so happens it was one of the warmer spots in the whole garden, as I discovered when I returned up the hill to the main homestead at lunch time. It was only half way through the day that I spotted a Geraldton Wax in the border very near to my chosen spot (left of photo) – coincidence or sub-conscious?

sml DSC00433And these are the new additions to the garden – they were running a competition to name them during the open day.

I just thought they were gorgeous – longingly looking and tracking towards that very tasty garden! By the end of the day they were named Herbert, Hector and Hugh – three early pastoralists of the property. Close second choice was Ess, Car and Go (but deemed too hard to explain to visiting school kids!)



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