Wide open road

IMG_4804I had forgotten how much Sweetie the Wondervan loves the open road. In four days we’ve driven more than 1500kms, and she is purring like the most contented cat you could ever imagine. I just love her to pieces.

Despite the fact that I’m still nearly 1700kms from my destination – my home-town of Geraldton in the mid west of Western Australia – I do actually feel a greater sense of peace now I’ve crossed the border.

Not that I didn’t like South Australia, or indeed Victoria, where I’ve been living for more than a year and half.

They’re just not home.

Plus I am now past the quarantine checkpoint of course, and without any drama! Not that there should have been any because I know the drill well and made sure I had nothing of concern, but it does play on the mind a bit as you drive, and drive, and drive…

Last night’s stop was at Mundrabilla. It’s unexpectedly scenic. I do like the section of Eyre Highway between Eucla and Madura – the surprising drop down the passes at each end to a broad flat plain bordered on one side by a distinct ridge up to the higher plain, and on the other by the sea. It has its own sense of drama and history and possibility. I can almost image that with a reasonably large sea level rise, the inland ridge could become a new Great Australian Bight. But perhaps that’s just my mind getting carried away!

So far on this journey I have wimped out and spent my first night in a motel in Stawell (it was extremely cold, windy and late when I finally left Beaufort!); spent a night in a beautiful caravan park overlooking community managed wetlands and Australia’s most famous (notorious?) river at Murray Bridge; had a gorgeous interlude in Adelaide catching up with a friend and experiencing an Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival performance by a talented string quartet + accordion player in a tiny charming cocktail bar called La Boheme; and tried to make Sweetie’s interior (my mess!) look more presentable for a job interview by Skype in Ceduna! Should know more about that later in the week…

But the driving itself has been relatively uneventful, thank goodness.

Today another 500km or so will take me to Fraser Range Sheep Station, which I enjoyed so much on the way over that I’ll stop there again on the way back. I wonder what characters I’ll meet in the camp kitchen this time? And from there, hopefully it will only be another two full days’ travel and I’ll be hanging up the keys for a short while back in Geraldton.

But not for long apparently! My housemate-to-be Dave has already announced he has plans for Sweetie, as I’ll be arriving back just as his holidays begin. He did say that maybe I could go along for the ride too. How very thoughtful of him! 😉

Sweetie never got the chance to explore much of my home region, and I just know she’s looking forward to that already.


About Yvette Hollings

Writer, born-again cricket tragic, rookie cricket player, occasional musician and songwriter. I love inspiring stories that empower everyday people.
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