On the road again

Sweetie the Wondervan is back on the road! 711km into my relocation journey to Melbourne, from Geraldton, and so far so good. Despite being absolutely filled the gunwales and encountering some of the heaviest downpours to date, Sweetie is purring like a tiger cub, and just so happy to be back on the road – as am I.



I wouldn’t be here now without the help of so many good people who have encouraged, supported and helped me prepare for this new life direction. Most important though, my good friend Beck who took it upon herself yesterday to dedicate the day to helping me, despite me not even being aware I needed help let alone asking for it! But I most certainly did. If it wasn’t for Beck, I think I’d still be in Geraldton surrounded by boxes and bags and junk wondering what to do next. But she kept me on the straight and narrow, prompting me for jobs then completing them with minimal fuss whilst keeping me on track with my jobs too. An absolute godsend.

img_2270I’ve decided that maybe each time I do the journey from west to east, I have to make sure I travel though at least one place I haven’t been to before. Today I ticked off quite a few. Kalannie (must have blinked though, was long past it before I realised I’d missed the momentous occasion!), Koorda (the hotel made me sad – it must been quite a happening place in the past, but is now rundown and in need of investment), Mukinbudin (rainy toilet stop) and the outskirts of Bencubbin (prevented from reaching the town centre by a train straddling the road crossing).

I’d been keeping an eye on the weather the past few days, and was a bit apprehensive about the storm forecast for the region. By Kalannie, I was beginning  to think I had dodged it.


On the way to Bencubbin the first few drops fell. By Mukinbudin, it was bucketing. Approaching Westonia, which was my planned first night stop, it was so heavy I thought I really ought to stop, but suspected that trying to pull onto a slopey gravel shoulder might actually be more dangerous.

With the Westonia caravan park closed for improvements, my option was camping at their rec ground, or carry on to Southern Cross. I fancied a little more comfort than I expected to find at a temporary camping / caravan spot so pushed on. Hopefully this will be the longest day of my journey, short one tomorrow so I can get to Fraser Range Sheep Station early – my favourite stopping place on the Eyre Highway.

About Yvette Hollings

Writer, born-again cricket tragic, rookie cricket player, occasional musician and songwriter. I love inspiring stories that empower everyday people.
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