IMG_2727Start point: Geraldton, Western Australia

Current home: Beaufort, Central Victoria

End point: ?

Sweetie is my 1996 Ford Econovan Maxi wonder van with pop-top roof and full camper fit-out inside, and she’s going to remain an essential part of my life for many years to come. I bought her from a lovely old fella in Perth called Iain MacBeth (he was Scottish, would you believe it!). She’s been loved and well looked after by Iain and previous owners, and I’m doing my best to keep that up.

After 7 mostly fabulous months travelling with Sweetite, staying in a number of enticing regional locations between Perth and central Victoria, I took up a two year contract in January 2013 with Pyrenees Shire Council as their Business Development Officer, working on tourism and economic development projects and initiatives. Think nature based, wine and heritage tourism – there you’ll find me!

Although I’m less “on the road” now, I will still continue to explore as much as possible – one of the great things about Victoria is its compactness, and great range of new places for me to experience within easy driving distance – and for the first time, I’m also experiencing what it’s like to live in rural Australia.

You can expect to continue to hear about the things that intrigue, entertain, disturb, inspire or enlighten me about life in regional and rural Australia, with a particular focus on areas that continue to ignite my imagination and passion –

travel, writing, music, heritage, the natural environment, keeping fit and healthy, culture, the arts, community development, growth, social enterprise, sustainability, volunteering, being outdoors, living simply, treading lightly, meeting people, facilitation, awareness, engagement, lifelong learning…

I’d love to have your company on my continuing journey.

Yvette (and Sweetie!)

PS. the extraordinary pic in my banner was taken by former colleague and good friend Brendin Flanigan when we stopped at Barlangi Rock, between Meekatharra and Sandstone, during a work trip in 2007.


It’s a special place. Standing on that ridge I understood how small I am in the scheme of things, and how small my troubles are too. Rather than being a belittling or overwhelming experience, it was reassuring and grounding. I never want to forget that feeling.

Thanks Brendin!

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